Why Wedding Photographers LOVE First Looks

There are so many reasons why first looks are becoming more popular, but you might not know that they are also very practical. I also want to go ahead and say that if you are 100% set on not doing a first look that’s TOTALLY fine and your photographer will be more than happy to work on a timeline with you that helps make that possible! First looks are becoming more and more popular and for good reason!

You get to see the love of your life! There is so much anticipation about your wedding, you’ve been spending hours getting ready, nerves are starting to kick in and it is all starting to feel so real! When you are stressed, nervous, excited, who is the one person you want to see and spend time with? The person you are about to marry! Being able to see them before the ceremony helps relieve so much stress and nerves because you finally get to see each other and spend time together before the crazy day starts!

You get to see each other alone. I always like to make sure the couple is alone and usually try not to let anyone watch, even from a distance. I really want the couple to have a beautiful intimate moment where they can feel all their emotions and have time together and not feel watched. This is so awesome because now when you are walking down the aisle it is still as real, but you have already seen each other, so being in front of a lot of people is a little less daunting. If you aren’t the biggest fan of being in front of a lot of people, this can almost add stress on the day of, seeing each other for the first time in front of everyone. First looks help take that stress away.

You get to touch each other. This might seem like an odd one, but think about it. If you are walking down the aisle, you don’t get to hug, kiss, and sometimes you don’t get to hold hands until farther along in your ceremony. A first look allows you to hold each other, kiss, hold hands and spend the day alongside each other before the ceremony. 

You get to spend more time together. If your ceremony doesn’t start until 4, that is the full day that you don’t get to see each other. After all, it is YOUR wedding day, why wouldn’t you want to spend as much time as you can with each other? This also allows you to be together for any downtime you have before the ceremony which can help relieve nerves and help it all sink in for the both of you that you are getting married!! 

You can get almost all of your photos out of the way BEFORE the ceremony! This is a little more of a practical reason but you can get the first look, some couple portraits, bridal party photos and family photos out of the way before the ceremony!! This gives you more time afterwards for more couple portraits and time to celebrate with each other and with your guests. Any extra time afterwards can be flex time in case you run behind schedule or can be used for downtime if you are feeling a little rushed and overwhelmed. 

You are going to be JUST as emotional when you walk down the aisle. A lot of people are hesitant about doing a first look because they are worried their partner won’t be as emotional or that it won’t feel like ‘that moment’. Let me tell you, that is absolutely not true. So many couples that have done first looks are more emotional when they are walking down the aisle, even though they have already seen each other. Grooms have been excited to see their bride for the first look then sobbed when they saw her walk down the aisle. There us something about that moment of seeing your significant other walking down the aisle that really makes it all so real, even if you have already seen each other.

So why is it tradition to not see eachother until you are walking down the aisle? It actually comes from when marriages were arranged, the bride and groom couldn’t see each other before the ceremony so that they wouldn’t run if they didn’t like what they saw. This obviously is from a long time ago, and doesn’t mean that is why people still wait, but it is where the tradition comes from. 

I am going to be completely honest. The first look was my favorite part of my wedding, besides marrying my incredible husband. There are so many emotions, little things will go wrong, and so much anticipation built up and you just want to be with the one person who helps calm you down and comforts you. I LOVED being able to hug him, talk to him and have a beautiful intimate moment with him early into the day and then be able to spend the rest of it with him. It was our moment, yes a few people watched but I didn’t even notice. I am actually SO glad we did it because I don’t even remember walking down the aisle because it was so windy my vail was going crazy so I was trying to tame that and was also very aware of all the eyes that were on me. John was crying, I was walking with my dad and the moment was still beautiful but I am thankful we had time before then to see each other. 

Whether you choose to do a first look or not, talk to your partner and choose what works best for the both of you. What you both want for the day and what fits your personalities best. Whatever you choose, your day is going to be perfect. 

Kristin xx

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