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I'm here to serve you and document your authentic love. I am wildly passionate about capturing the in-between moments that make your day so intimate and beautiful. All the sneaky kisses, the look in your eyes when you realize your wedding day is finally here, the laughs, the tears and all the infectious joy surrounding you. THAT is what your day is about, and I'm there to help you and your partner soak it all up.

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a few things worth knowing

I believe in forming genuine friendships, I’m not just here to get a job done then move on. I’ve gone on double dates with past clients, gotten coffee with my amazing brides and love to keep in touch! I definitely don’t take it lightly that you’ve invited me into an incredibly intimate space on a day filled with so many beautiful emotions. I want you to feel completely at ease on your wedding day and completely comfortable with me and ready to have the best day ever. Sooo here are a few things about me to give you a head start.

  • I married the love of my life FIVE years ago; wild. 
  • We love our church and community! Catch me on Sundays at Substance with a camera in my hand on photo team!
  • I can't live without my matcha latte daily // Starbucks is my love language.
  • I grew up in the Middle East, so have traveled all my life and I love it.
  • Thrifting and giving items new life bring me joy.
  • I'm obsessed with my cat, Cami. She is my work from home bestie.
  • I can't wait to own a home and have chickens LOL
  • Quality time is my true love language, I'm always down hang and chat.
  • If the suns out, so am I. I feel like I'm a whole new person in the summer.

Why Blue Mae

It started as an unrealistic dream, Now I can't beliEve it's reality.

I LOVE weddings. Ever since I planned my own I knew I wanted to do something with weddings. I remember thinking how AMAZING it would be to be a wedding photographer but quickly told myself it would never happen. Fast forward 5 years and I get to document romantic love for a living. I am forever obsessed with romanticizing your relationship and love for each other!


“Kristin made us both feel super comfortable and let us be who we naturally were in front of the camera!”

“Kristin is AMAZING!! My fiancé and I did an adventure shoot with Blue Mae Studio in Taylors Falls — where Kristin gave us direction when we needed it and also gave us freedom within the session!! Kristin made us both feel super comfortable and let us be who we naturally were in front of the camera! She is incredibly creative, artistic, kind, and soooo much fun!! Not to mention, she had the best ideas for photo locations and was willing to do anything to get the perfect shot! Even if that meant jumping in the water with us, ha! We would recommend Kristin to everyone!! :).”

- Ashley & Nathan

based out of minneapolis + arizona

travel with me

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Frequently in Phoenix, AZ & Las Vegas, NV. I’ll follow anywhere you go, but I fly to Phoenix, Arizona + Las Vegas, Nevada at least 3 times a year to visit family and friends and don’t charge a travel fee for those two locations.

+ las vegas, nv - march 6-9
+ arizona - march 10-11
+ Your elopement in __ on __

my travel bucket list / dream venues

I love taking photos anywhere I am & there are a few locations that I've dreamed about for a while. I would love to travel to these stunning locations and venues and capture your timeless love.

Capturing Real & Raw Moments