5 Tools I Use Daily in My Business

This blog post is for my fellow photographers and business owners!! We are always looking for ways to make our lives easier and less busy and these tools will 100% change your life and that isn’t an exaggeration. PLUS at the end of the post there are discount codes for ALL of these tools, and who doesn’t love a good deal? I use all of these tools daily whether I physically open them or they are running in the background. If you are ready to free up some of your time and get more organized keep reading!!

  1. Honeybook 

Honeybook has SAVED MY BOOTY!! It is a CRM (Client relation management software) that helps send contracts, invoices, keeps track of your schedule, manages workflow and has become my bff. It can be completely automated, sends reminder emails for you and looks so clean and professional. When I send out proposals to my clients, It has the proposal, invoice and contact all together, making it so easy for my clients to navigate. This is honestly the main reason I love it so much because it is so easy for me to use but more importantly my clients. I want them to have the best experience ever and Honeybook helps me accomplish that. 

  1. Quickbooks

The thought of taxes stresses me out, but quickbooks helps me feel like I have a good handle on it. I HIGHLY recommend getting quickbooks no matter where you are in your business. It helps track income, expenses, miles and so much more. You are able to send out invoices on it as well, but I do that primarily in Honeybook. Quickbooks helps keep everything organized for you so that when tax season rolls around you can easily send over documents to your accountant.

  1.  Pic-Time 

I have tried a few online galleries but Pic-Time has by far been my favorite. It is so beautiful, clean and so incredibly easy to use. Something that has also been so helpful is automated sales that you can set up to help get product sales from prints. It makes it so easy for you and your clients to navigate and the store has an awesome variety of products and printers to choose from. I have had clients tell me how easy it is for them to use and I am confident when recommended printers from Pic-Time because I know the quality is amazing.

  1. FloDesk

Flodesk helps with all of your email needs. With collecting emails for your email list, sending out mass emails, customizing emails to fit your branding and helps the process become so effortless you’ll want to send emails all the time. You are able to use a few of these features with Honeybook, but Flodesk gives you more options and are able to customize the emails, more than just the message. You are able to integrate Flodesk into your website and edit the design to fit your branding.

  1. Tailwind

Do you use Instagram or Pinterest in your business? If yes, you need tailwind. If not, you need to start using them both and you need Tailwind. I personally use Tailwind for Pinterest, and have a few apps I use on my phone for Instagram but I know people who use it for instagram and LOVE it. Tailwind allows you to plan out Pinterest posts for the next few months. When they are posted, what is posted, captions, titles, the photos, everything. If you sit down once a month and batch out all of your pinterest posts for a few hours, your done. You don’t even have to think about them and Tailwind does all the work for you. It keeps track of your analytics to see which posts to best and optimizes your posting times.

I absolutely LOVE all of these tools and know that you will too. They have all saved me so much time, energy and stress and I want that for you too! As business owners our time is so valuable and we always feel like there are 1 million things to get done so if this blog helps you with at least one of those things I will be so happy!!


Tailwind:  Use my link to get a free month of Tailwind!

Honeybook: Get 20% off your first year, up to a $200 value.

Pictime: Use code BMM94T to get a free month!

Flodesk: Using my link for Flodesk you get 50% off of your subscription!

Quickbooks: GUYS if you use my link for Quickbooks you get 50% off your first 3 months AND $50. like actual money, not just a discount.

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