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the best investment ever

I believe photography is an investment.

Have you ever sat down with your grandparents or family members and looked through old photo albums and felt so incredibly connected and humbled to be looking into their past? Without photos we have our memories, but they can fail us, sometimes we need an image to spark a memory. I know that you won't regret investing in a photographer you trust and love or investing in good photos for even seeming “unimportant” or small life events. When looking back in 10, 20, 30, 50 years and you see a photos, memories can come flooding back that you don't even remember having. I think it is priceless to have that spark that is created through a photograph.

“We did a tree farm mini session with Kristin and everything about it was fantastic! She thought of all the details (music, hot cocoa, candy canes) to make it a fun and festive event for my kids, as opposed to another boring photoshoot mom made them do. I only intended to get the pictures that came with the mini session, but all the pictures turned out so well that I ended up buying the whole gallery! Overall, I am extremely happy with our experience with Blue Mae Studio.”


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